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Lead Developer

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Ever since the age of 8 when he disassembled, and successfully reassembled, his parents’ dot matrix printer, Steven L Smith has had a natural curiosity for all things technical. By age 13, he had created his first website, using CompuServe’s Home Page Wizard. Finding the output to be extremely limited, Steven taught himself HTML. CSS soon followed, and in High School, he learned PHP. Throughout High School and College, Steven dabbled in several other programming languages, and eventually landed an internship developing sites for a local marketing agency.

After graduating in May 2008 with a B.A. in Music from Nazareth College, he was hired as Nazareth's full-time Web Developer. Working with the rest of the Web Team, he develops rich Internet experiences for all of Nazareth’s constituencies. Plus, he also maintains an independent portfolio of clients throughout the Rochester area. (learn more: http://www.stevenlsmith.com)

Outside of work, Steven enjoys all things music, performing in several ensembles throughout the Rochester area, as well as hacking electronics and going to LAN parties.

In addition to his work on the parish website, Steven is a member of the choir, and often substitutes for Marcia, on the piano, when she goes on vacation.

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