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After moving back to Rochester in 1985 from a couple years living in San Diego, my family landed in St John the Evangelist’s parish. When I married Tammy we lived about half a mile from St Charles, but I remained at St John’s because of the sense of community that I felt. Tammy was eventually able to persuade me to try St. Charles. We came back from communion that first day and while praying, our toddler, Michael leaned back over the pew; lost his footing; flipped over backwards and hit his head on the floor. Mortified, we scooped up our screaming child and ran out the door thinking we’d never return.

Sometime after Evan’s baptism, Tammy, in her oh-so-Tammy way, convinced me to give St. Charles another try. This was hard for me because I really felt part of the St. John’s community. I was skeptical that I would find myself at home here. The community was very welcoming, but it was Father Tim Brown, God Bless Father Tim Brown. Joining the scripture study group brought me closer to the parish community than I ever expected. I was so moved to have my classmates pause their class to witness Zachery’s baptism.

Now that I’ve moved to a house in St. John’s Parish, Father John won’t let me leave. I am looking toward the baptism of my first daughter, Fiona, as I write this. Oh, and we sit on the other side of church.

It is a pleasure for me to serve you, God Bless All.

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