Men's Club

Why do we have Men's Club? It is important to set some time away from our busy schedules, and enjoy the company of others from the parish and their friends. We continue to hold these meetings on the first Thursday of each month in the St. Charles school cafeteria (being a 1991 graduate of St. Charles, I refer to what we grew up with; i.e. the gym is the gym, and the library is the library. In fact, the rooms are the old teachers room, but I digress…)

I think it is important for the "younger" generation to continue with this tradition of enjoying those that came before us and as Fr. John Firpo has said, enjoy what we have now, and hope that we can endure for those that will come after us. There are stories that I would not hear about if it were not for some of the "elders" talking about their time in the service, if we didn't have Men's Club.

We usually pay $10 for the dinner, and $1 for a 50/50 drawing. Recently, we had something unique happen. The first drawing, which happened to be large, since we had our largest crowd in over 2 years, the winner said they would take half of what they won. So, we did another drawing, and that person said they would only take half of their winnings. So we had another drawing… and so on, until we got down to the winner taking $1. It was entertaining and fun — where else can you go for $10 for a decent dinner, $1 for a pop or beer, and have this much fun? Men's Club is the answer. If you are interested in the St. Charles Borromeo Men's Club, please contact Matt McLaren at, or by phone, (585) 615 - 6063.