Faith Formation

Faith Formation

Due to Covid-19 health restrictions, we are offering a largely “home-based” Faith Formation program to make up for our canceled 2021 Summer Camp.


Important information:

– Registration is ongoing

– Families pick up textbooks, activity kits, and materials by emailing or calling (585) 663-8000 x3

– Take home textbook may be completed anytime during the 2021-2022 school year

– Payment is $60 for one child, $85 for two or more children. Financial assistance is available if needed.

– Your family is invited to watch a teaching mass by Fr. John on our YouTube Channel 

Families will be provided with the following activity kits in their take-home packets:

1. Make your own prayer table kit – fabric square, prayer cards, medals, etc.

2. Rosary kits – rosary, “how to pray” the rosary pamphlet, rosary coloring sheet

3. Creation scavenger hunt – look around your yard, neighborhood, park, or beach for signs of God’s love and creation. The kit has a “creation sheet” with a check list of items to find

4. Paint a Rock with a “God” message kit –supplies and “how to” instructions. (Leave the “God” rock where you saw a sign of God’s creation & love)

  • The registration form is here

    Summer Camp

     Sacrament Information

    • Please indicate on the Faith Formation registration form if you anticipate preparing for your child’s:
      • First Penance
      • First Communion
      • Confirmation
    • Please be aware that for Sacraments, a child must be enrolled in either our Faith Formation program or a Catholic School.
    • Sacrament information can be found here

    Mary Toot – Faith Formation Director

    Upcoming Special Events

    Check back soon


    Opportunities for Faith Formation

    Religious Education

    • For children ages 3-5: Sunday Preschool (Temporarily postponed)
    • For children in grades K-8: Summer Camp or Home Study –Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, our Faith Formation program at St. Charles will not take place as usual. For this year, religious education will be offered as a home study program only. This will take the place of what your child would have done in the summer of 2021. See below (resources) for the information letter and registration form.