Joining Together to Secure Our Future

Joining Together to Secure Our Future is a capital campaign focused on renovation projects to our parish campus over the next five years, 2010-2015. The Facilities Task Force identified and developed a schedule based upon input from architects, contractors and members from the Diocesan Building and Grounds department. The pledges that we receive will fund the projects. To keep parishioners informed as to the status of the work, periodic updates will be provided by the Capital Campaign Committee. Members of this Committee are: Cindy Chamberlain, Pat Daniels, Claudine Dixon, and Carol Thompson, Chairperson.

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Campaign Task Force

This Task Force is responsible for prioritizing the list of identified projects for each year, reviewing proposals, consulting with a variety of professionals as needed for additional input, and selecting a project manager, who will oversee the project work from start to its completion. Members of the Task Force are: David Andrews, Cindy Chamberlain, Terry Claffey, Fr. John Firpo, Rick Iekel, Elmer Liese, Jim Seeger and Dave Steklenski.


03-2010: Campaign Update

Posted on March 05, 2010

The larger size Tree of Life has been installed and the leaf inscriptions received have been attached to the tree. The original idea for the rocks was to place them around the base of the tree. However, with the tree being so close to the floor it was decided to try something different. A committee is looking into ways to display the 22 rocks in a more appropriate manner.

As mentioned in the Finance Council’s January report to the parish, the Capital Campaign Task Force has selected to focus its attention on the accessibility and accessible restrooms facilities in both the Church and both levels of the School building. The preliminary drawings have been approved by Fr. John and the Diocese. Final drawings are being worked upon and the bidding process could start by mid-March.

07-2010: ADA Accessibility Project

Posted on July 02, 2010

Exciting News! Work begins next week on the new bathroom in Church. Our daily Mass at 8:00 AM will be celebrated in the gymnasium from July 5 through July 16. Funerals will be celebrated at Holy Name of Jesus Church during that 2 week time period. This construction will not affect our weekend celebrations (Weddings or Liturgies). Beginning July 18, daily Mass will be held in Church, but the building will be closed after 9:00 AM. The School ADA Project will begin on Monday, July 26 with a projected completion date in early October.

08-2010: Construction Begins in School Building

Posted on August 01, 2010

The ADA Church project is well underway. Electricians and plumbers were on site last week. The rough framing is in place for the new bathroom.

Last Monday, July 26, demolition work began in the former school building as well as Phase One of the ramp construction (at the Main Entrance). Please use the South School Entrance (Maiden Lane) for accessing the Christian Formation Office & Meeting Rooms. The North Entrance will be available for Construction Workers ONLY and the Main Entrance will not be an option.

As a reminder, if you plan to use classrooms for summer meetings, please call the Parish Office as soon as possible.


08-2011: Parking Lot Update

Posted on August 12, 2011

Parking Lot Expansion and Reconfiguration

As you can see, the parking lot project is well underway. The pipe rails along Maiden Lane have been removed and will be replaced with trees and lawn. Trees and fencing have been removed along the playground property. The project will take approximately 4-5 weeks for completion.

Daily mass attendees in particular should take care during the construction periods, as work begins around 7:30 AM. Site Plans are posted in the back of church if you would like to view the final drawings.

Parking on-site will increase by 81 spaces, including an increase in handicapped accessible spaces.

We will continue to update you on this project on a weekly basis.

09-2010: Construction Update

Posted on September 20, 2010

There has been a flurry of renovation activity on our campus this week. The 2-person lift (elevator) has been installed by ACCESS Lifts & Ramps. This addition to our facility will enable full participation in meetings on the Upper Level and activities in the Parish Center. New doors have been delivered and hardware ordered. Plumbers, Electricians and Dry Wallers continue their work on the four bathrooms where renovations are taking place.

Thank you for your continued patience as we temporarily relocate meetings and classes to the south end of the school building.

Once the "DUST" settles, the completed project will be worth the wait.