One of the greatest aspects of our community here at St. Charles is the giftedness and generosity of our people. They share their gifts willingly and generously. Our lectors proclaim the Word of God with great reverence, energy, faith and love. The story of God’s life in creation through Scripture is proclaimed by our team of lectors. Their careful preparation, enthusiasm and prayer give St. Charles a wonderful foundation for immersion into the very Word of God. Our lectors become servants of the word and do their best at conveying the passion and faith of the writers of Scripture, whether they be St. Paul, St. Peter, or a prophet from the Old Testament.

If you are interested in being a part of this wonderful ministry, please contact Lisa Coon, our Lector Coordinator, at Lisa.Coon@Excellus.com, or call our offices at (585) 663-3230 for further information.