Many hands lighten the load — that’s for sure when it comes to preparing and setting up for Mass. We at St. Charles have a very dedicated team of Sacristans that take care of our Sacristy and assist in setting up for our weekend and weekday Masses. These people are extremely important in the preparation of our worship space.

Sacristans prepare the vessels for the Eucharistic liturgy, set out appropriate quantities of bread and wine, assist the priest and other ministers in vesting, ensure that the books are properly placed, and when the Mass is over, clean and put away all the vessels and objects used during the celebration. By being responsible for the material things of worship, sacristans grow in appreciation of how liturgy works. Sacristans create a hospitable house for the church as they prepare the place for the celebration of the Eucharist.

If you are interested in finding out more about this important ministry, please contact Sharon O’Brien, our head sacristan, at, or call our offices at (585) 663-3230.