The New Roman Missal

New Words: A Deeper Meaning, but the Same Mass

Cover of the New Roman Missal

The New Roman Missal, Third Edition, began being used in Advent of 2011. Among other things, this most recent revision of our Liturgy features new translations of many of the familiar prayers we hear and say during mass.

The Third Edition of the Missal includes translations that are more true to the original texts, but also contains prayers for the observances of recently canonized saints, additional prefaces for the Eucharistic Prayers, additional Votive Masses and Masses and Prayers for Various Needs and Occasions, and some updated and revised rubrics (instructions) for the celebration of the Mass. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has prepared an online resource to help ease the transition. Likewise, we at St. Charles have prepared this page to help you self-study and ready yourself for the change.

Understanding the New Roman Missal, Understanding Our Liturgy

In winter 2011, David Tedesche, St. Charles Seminarian-in-Residence, conducted an eight-week class entitled Understanding the New Roman Missal — Understanding Our Liturgy. Throughout the course of this class, we looked at our Roman Rite Liturgy in the original Latin alongside both our current English translation and the up-and-coming revised English translation. We compared and contrasted the current with the new translation and discussed the different translation philosophies behind each. More importantly, all of this discussion was an opportunity for us to learn about and deepen our own appreciation of our Roman Rite Liturgy and our Catholic Eucharistic faith and spirituality.

Here is the main text we used throughout the class: The Order of Mass

Here are recordings of each class and the handouts that were used. Study at your own pace, pass this material around, and spread the word:

Session 1 (Opening Rites)

History of the Eucharistic Liturgy, Introductory Rites, Sign of the Cross, Opening Greeting, Penitential Act, Kyrie, Gloria

Session 2 (Sacrosanctum concilium)

The Second Vatican Council's Sacrosanctum concilium and the Liturgy as a participation in Christ's own Priestly Service to the Father.

Session 3 (Liturgy of the Word)

Liturgy of the Word, Gospel, Creed, "consubstantial"

Session 4 (Offertory and Roman Canon)

Offertory Prayers, Roman Canon, "precious chalice", "for many"

Session 5 (Preface and Theology of Eucharist)

Preface, "and with your spirit", Eucharistic Prayer Two, Real Presence

Session 6 (Theology of the Eucharist)

The Eucharist as Sacrifice, Transubstantiation, Manner of Christ's Eucharistic Presence, Effects of Communion

Session 7 (Liturgiam authenticam and the Propers)

Tying Up Loose Ends from Last Week, the Propers, and the Philosophy of Translation behind Liturgiam authenticam

Session 8 (Sacramentum caritatis)

The 2007 Post-Synodal Exhortation Sacramentum caritatis, the Eucharist as what we believe, celebrate, and live.