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Marriage is a moment of celebration and revelation. We celebrate the new couple as a community that signifies what the Church is, a community of love brought about by the Holy Spirit. It reveals the Church as the bride of Christ, and God’s irrevocable commitment to the human community in, and through Christ.

Marriage celebrates love, and we are happy to celebrate that love with you here at St. Charles Borromeo. We celebrate Wedding Masses and Wedding Ceremonies, depending on the needs of the couple. We require couples who come to us to complete the FOCCUS, and to attend a Pre-Cana session sponsored by the Diocese of Rochester. If you are a couple that lives in another city or state, we can work with you to make arrangements for you to do both of these in a parish near where you live. Arrangements need to be made at least 6 months before the scheduled date of the wedding.

If you are interested in getting married here at St. Charles Borromeo, please contact one of our priests by email or by phone.

Marriage Resources

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