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Come JOIN Us!

What: Summer Camp 2023


When: July 10-21, 2023


Theme: Eucharist

Please call the Faith Formation Office at
(585) 663-8000  (option #3) t
o register.

The Summer Camp program offers children the opportunity to participate in a curriculum-based faith formation program during the summer instead of during the school year. This model consists of two weeks of religious education for a total of 30 hours. Each daily session (Monday-Friday) includes Scripture lessons, prayer, art, music, and snacks.

*Consistent attendance is required.




“It is a beautiful 2 weeks of watching your children learn and talk about Jesus and their faith. It is a way to bring their faith alive during a wonderful time of year.”


“It was a wonderful opportunity to meet children from other parishes, and my children looked forward to going.”


“The summer program is an age-appropriate, engaging, three-hours-worth of learning in the summer. My child shared ‘faith’ daily about our religion at the dinner table! It was well-structured, and a great alternative to taking religion classes during the school year.”

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