Come JOIN Us!

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, our Faith Formation program at St. Charles will not take place as usual. For this year, religious education will be offered as a largely hybrid home study program. This will take the place of what your child would have done in the summer of 2021. See below for the information letter and registration form.

Please call the Faith Formation Office at
(585) 663-8000 to register.

The Summer Camp program offers children the opportunity to participate in a curriculum-based faith formation program during the summer instead of during the school year. This model consists of two weeks of religious education for a total of 30 hours. Each daily session (Monday-Friday) includes Scripture lessons, prayer, art, music, and snacks.

*Consistent attendance is required.



2021-2022 Registration Form (Due 6/14)
*but can be turned in any time



“It is a beautiful 2 weeks of watching your children learn and talk about Jesus and their faith. It is a way to bring their faith alive during a wonderful time of year.”


“It was a wonderful opportunity to meet children from other parishes, and my children looked forward to going.”


“The summer program is an age-appropriate, engaging, three-hours-worth of learning in the summer. My child shared ‘faith’ daily about our religion at the dinner table! It was well-structured, and a great alternative to taking religion classes during the school year.”