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Finance Council

The Finance Council provides advice to the pastor regarding the stewardship and administration of parish financial resources. It meets monthly, and reviews parish investments, rental opportunities, and financial results and variances from the budget, and reports results to the Parish Pastoral Council, advising the Pastor and Pastoral Council of any items of concern, as well as recommended financial actions. The Finance Council also prepares the annual budget for presentation to, and approval by, the Parish Pastoral Council, and prepares and presents the annual parish financial report, as well as other periodic financial updates. The Council also participates in conducting the annual stewardship appeal, works closely with the Buildings & Grounds Committee regarding facilities needs, and reviews the periodic parish audits and recommended actions.

Randy Cook, Council Member
Sean Carnahan, Council Member
James Eckert, Council Member
Mike Henry, Council Member
Gina Reeder, Council Member/ Parish Council Liaison
Pattie O’Connell, Council Member
Dave Steklenski, Chairperson

Finance Council Members

Parish Pastoral Council

Gina Mussumeci, Council Chairwoman
Gina Reeder, Council Vice-Chairwoman
David Wade, Recording Secretary
Emily Adasiak, Council Member
Linda Caliguri, Council Member
Elizabeth Cilano, Council Member
Mark Stechschulte, Council Member
Ken Whitney Jr., Council Member
Ugo Ofurum, Youth Representative
Steve Parsons, Youth Representative

Parish Council Members

Fundraising Committee

The St. Charles Borromeo Fundraising Committee is a group of volunteers who identify, plan and coordinate various parish activities to raise money in support of the various parish ministries. Each year, the Fundraising Committee forms an ambitious roster of events and initiatives designed to focus on the “fun” of fundraising. The Committee thinks of new and creative ideas to build community while bringing money into our parish. Recent fundraisers have included a Parish Cookbook, the annual Ladies Fashion Show, and the annual Great Indoor Garage Sale.

The Fundraising Committee is always looking for new volunteers to help with the planning and execution of currently planned, as well as new fundraising activities.

For more information, you may contact the Fundraising Committee at

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